Creating Authentic Digital Marketing with a Lifestyle Approach.  


Brand Identity and development is the process where we focus on your brand's look and feel. If your idea or businesses is amazing we need the visual content to match it. If this is your struggle then this is for you! We will work together to create a customized package that fits your brand and customers. Whether you already have a great idea or just starting to dig in, we are here to help along the way!

1 Brand Identity 

We offer a personal one - on - one session in person or online. This gives you a chance to ask questions and us a chance to get to know you more. This 1-2 hour session can help cover topics, goals and much more.

2 Strategy + Creative direction

This is where we dive into your mission statement and capturing your why. We also incorporate your brand colors and aesthetics to create a unique way of showing what you do behind the scenes as well as your service or/ and product. 

3 Content Creation

We go over a vision, professionally edit the images to the style we choose. Then like magic we have your content created and we are all set to begin sharing with the world! As we begin the posting stage we will use your  customized content calendar to stay organized and productive.

 4 Delivery + Implementation

O A W co.

"We loved working with O A W. Brooke was so nice and captured each event just as we invisoned. This was the best experience."

- natalie